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In light of recent events I’m making some changes to the way I fandom. Mostly because I want this to be a happy place, and because I know that my friends want a happy place as well and maybe these little changes will make it easier for me, them, and you.
Yes I know “these could just be foilers i’ve been in fandom so long ~this always happens~ don’t worry about it”. First off, I really don’t care because these ~possible foilers~ are triggering to me for reasons. Second, this was basically my last straw with glee and even if certain things aren’t true, the things that probably are piss me off as well, so I won’t watch something that makes me unhappy.
I still love klaine. I still love Darren and Chris. And that’s really all I care to know about.
Sooooo under the cut is basically some tags I’m gonna add and other rambly things. If you’re interested uwu

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I learned my passion in the good old-fashioned school of loverboys

yeah that's what I was talking about. I just got so upset. like honestly, glee, klaine is the only good thing you've got going for you right now.. don't fuck that up. don't take that away from us, especially if we're gonna stick around till the end, where others have abandoned the show altogether..

I completely agree. I think it’s awful that this is the way they’re going to try and get the general audience to watch this last season. Especially considering their biggest loyal fanbase is the klaine fandom. But yet we’re given scraps. I mean as a whole glee is nothing what it used to be and really doesn’t take their fans into account. But they could at least have made this last season enjoyable for a large majority of their fans. (more under the cut cause I word vomited)

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wait, what happened? the articles aren't bullshit?

If you’re curious, go to a news blog or anyone who typically reblogs all spoilers and look. I don’t really wanna link it on my blog. I mean, technically it’s a s/poiler so ~grain of salt~ and all that but. Idk. Everyone has their own interpretation and feeling about it.
I know I’m done with this. But I’ve been done for over 2 months now.
Like I said yesterday, s5 was a nice enough closing for me.

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Glee literally makes me sick to my stomach lol


Palestinians — young and old — celebrate an indefinite ceasefire in Gaza. 26 August 2014.

PLL 5x12/Mid Season Finale Episode Recap


an official hashtagpll recap, url changed for a bit in honor of mona. rip.


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